It's a time when everything seems to be changing. We as missionaries need to be present to the world and tell our brothers and sisters we are not going anywhere. 
Holy Week Missions are not cancelled! They are shifted and they are expanded.
The information below is to guide us during the next days of Missions.

What are we doing?

Every day we’ll share a video challenging you and your team to be a Missionaries in your communities and neighborhood, to become Hope and a testimony of Love.


We are naming these as "Daily Mission" and we want YOU, together with your team, to share with the world how you are responding to challenging times like these.

Being a missionary is also fun!. We are looking for the team with the Highest Missionary Spirit!

How do I participate as a Missionary?

Sign up

  • Form a team of 4 - 6 missionaries (If you all are under 18, we recommend having a “Guide”, someone over age, to help you through the Mission)​​

  • Sign Up your team through our website (Be sure to have all the information from your fellow missionaries)

  • Once you finished your subscription, our team will reach out to you by email asking for you to share the team's logo.

Play the game and change the world!

  • Watch the Daily Videos and discover the “Daily Mission” challenge for the day. (They can be individual or team mission).

  • Completed the mission!? Post in Facebook or Instagram using the your team’s and the #MissionLove hashtags and tag @missionyouthsf 

  • Keep an eye open to our Instagram & Facebook as we’ll post more challenges for your team during the day. These are “Catechetical Quizzes” to help deepen you teams'encounter. 

  • Know the answer for the Quiz? Don’t post it! Go to our website and answer it using the form.

  • Wanna see the posts from other Missionary teams? Go to "Latest" in our website and like what others are doing to change the world.

Wanna amaze us?

  • We are looking for the most creative and inspirational posts! Everyday the team with the best post (using #MissionLove).

  • Go beyond our challenges! Share something new you did to live the Missions using the hashtag #goBeyond (together will all the other hashtags).


Families, individuals, church youth groups, anyone can go on MISSION! 


 Contact us at contact@mission.love

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